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The Food Catcher


Available in Two Sizes - Standard vs XL

The XL size Food Catcher (top) has a 10cm wider catch zone on each side for extra messy eaters as compared to the Standard size (bottom).

XL Size Food Catcher (front view)  XL Food Catcher (side view)
Standard Size Food Catcher (front view)  Std Food Catcher (side view)


The Food Catcher fits any four-legged high chair.

Both the Standard and XL sizes are suitable for the IKEA high chair. 




The High Chair Food Catcher by Mumma's Little Helpers attaches with velcro strips to any four-legged high chair. It hangs out the sides and out the front so the food doesn’t drop straight onto the floor. Additionally, it catches all food that is dropped into the lap.

Thoughtfully designed such that it is long enough not to restrict your Little One's leg movements at the front, the velcro attachments are also strategically located such that they are challenging to detach even when your Little One can reach them.



It’s easy to clean up after meals. Just take your Little One out and wipe all the food off the seat and tray into the Food Catcher. Scoop the food out of the catcher while it is still attached, and leave it attached until it's time to throw in the wash or wipe down. It is really that easy.